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The ThemeForest Mirage

You found the perfect theme on Themeforest. The demo looks amazing and you’ve got your developer ready to setup it up for you for less than $100. You cannot wait to publish your website, to get the positive feedback of your network and brag how you got this amazing new website for next to nothing.

Except you’re not actually getting positive feedback for the website because you’re embarrassed to publish it. The website that looked oh-so-good in the demo somehow just doesn’t look good at all with your content in it. In fact you might even be struggling to figure out what content to put in certain areas. You’re left wondering did I just choose the wrong theme? Or did the developer screw me?

It’s likely neither one. What happened instead is that you got the process of making a solid website the wrong way around. A good website starts with content first and the actual website layout will be formed around your content. When you buy a theme off of Themeforest, or any theme marketplace for that matter, you’re basically agreeing to the content structure of the theme designer. Many themes are also designed just for the looks and to the developer the content is irrelevant, just filling space. When you choose a theme you’re basically saying your content does not matter that much.

However it should be all about your content. Content, whether it’s entertainment or information, is all that the visitor wants. They also want it quickly and easily. That fancy slider or the transitions that woo’ed you over to buy that theme are in fact just hurting you. Especially today when majority of web browsing happens on mobile phones it is critical that your pages load quickly and those fancy scripts are only adding to your page loading times.

So now you’re in a slump. You don’t like your site and you’re not sure whether or not you should gamble on another theme. I would advice you to not to. My advice would be to look for a freelance web designer who understands the process of building a proper website. However you’re probably concerned about the cost of hiring such person.

Yes it will cost you more than $100 but you should also ask yourself how highly would you value a good and practical website. Do you also really need 10 pages and several other features as the Themeforest theme had? Probably not. Once you start mapping out your website content you might even realise that you can start off with much less. This is because now you’re in control of the website. You can say or show whatever you wish in as few or many words or pictures. Now you are on your way to creating a website that really represents you.

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