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The past year and onwards

One of my goals for this year and for the years to come is to do and ship more stuff. I took some baby steps towards this direction already in 2015 but this year I'm determined to make some real steps happen. Last year the first dab at this was Musicticker, a project that me and my friend Joona tried for about 4 months before running out of steam. I realize that 4 months is hardly anything in the bigger scheme of things but as the project required daily research work it rather quickly became a daunting task to do late at night every day. I guess our hearts were not really in it or at least mine wasn't.

All that effort didn't go to waste though. One of the big clarifications that Musicticker gave us was that original content really does work wonders. The 5 interviews that we conducted for Musicticker drove traffic to the site so easily that we both now know what to do with any of our future projects.

Creating Basement was obviously my personal highlight of the year. It seems like I'm now constantly improving at programming and the satisfaction you can get from making some piece of code work is so wonderful. Nothing like fist pumping and shouting 'yeah' by yourself at one in the morning. Here's to the crazy ones, right?

The year also closed in a fun way as me and Joona teamed up again and created the Next Hit Game generator. During the first week NHG was visited by roughly 1000 people but the traffic has since quieted down. That's fine by us though. It's great to know that we probably made hundreds of people smile and laugh and continue to do so.

Here's a couple of game ideas people have generated and shared on Twitter:

2016: The year of shipping

I'm personally not really a huge believer in New Years Resolutions but it's always fun to see the kinds of goals people set for themselves. Weeks and months from now we'll see how long everyone lasts. For me the fact that I want to build and launch more things is not really a resolution, it's a mindset. There's no way around it, it's just something I have to and want to do.

Nothing scares me more than being old one day and having a laundry list of things I didn't do (a.k.a regrets). I'm not going to let that happen. I feel like it's always better to make stuff, visit more places and try new things. Surely some ideas will fail, places can turn out to be boring and injuries might happen but they're all still valueable experiences, in most cases at least.

Something non-programming related that I'm also looking forward to doing this year is filming more skateboarding footage and actually putting it out! I'm not sure whether or not me and my friends will be able to put out our edit this year but I'm keen to film at least one or two different skate events. Just have to patiently wait for these dark and cold winter days to pass first.

PS. In the next post I will write about some of the web projects I have in the works for this year. So far there's two and they are very different from each other but exciting in their own ways.

Are you looking for a web development help or developer for your project? Get in touch and let's see if I can help you out.