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The new and last year

Right around this time last year I laid down some goals for 2016. I’m happy that my non-programming related goal of filming, editing and putting out a skate video came to fruition. On top of that I also made an edit of my dad doing his thing, sailing.

When the year started I was still feeling the excitement that I got from building and launching Basement. I thought I was going to be doing a lot more of that but in the end I only launched just one project and that was BloomUp.

Professionally 2016 was tough for me. Had I landed all the client work that was coming my way it could have been probably my best year to date but instead it turned out to be one of the worst. Somehow I found a way to survive it though.

In 2015 I started reading books again and I’ve kept that going ever since. Last year I finished 11 books and some of my favourites were Kingpin by Kevin Poulsen, Open by Andre Agassi and Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. You can check my Goodreads profile if you’re interested in knowing what else I read.

The best thing that happened to me last year was discovering a weekly acrobatics class in Amsterdam. I’ve been doing it for about 7 months now and I can quite confidently say that I will be doing some form of acrobatics for as long as my body allows. Hopefully into my 50-60's. It is a great feeling to get stronger and more flexible. I only have to remind myself sometimes to not train too hard but it can be easy to forget that when you're having so much fun!

In October I also finally managed to get myself to train the one muscle that’s often overlooked, the brain. I completed the Headspace 10-day program and although at the time I was still not fully convinced about its benefits I still went ahead and bought the app for a year. Now that I’ve been meditating on a daily basis for a little over 100 days in a row I can start to see that there really is something in it. You really can train the mind but it may just be the hardest “muscle” to train too.

Two thousand and seventeen

I feel like my goals for 2017 are a little less ambitious or at least more achievable than last year. There's just two of them:

1) Earn revenue with BloomUp

Currently BloomUp is completely free but my plan is to add some kind of paid version to it. I still don’t know what that will look like but I will soon start to look for someone who is either a life coach or a therapist and would be interested in helping me design more extensive programs for it.

2) Become a developer who designs

I’ve always considered myself as a designer first and developer second. However seeing how the web industry is changing I feel like this mindset will put me out of business. Therefore I’m now really starting to put the work in to become an actual developer. Not just someone who knows enough to work his way around a CMS but a person who can build web software from scratch and is familiar with a few different programming languages.

The nice thing about development work is that you have to deal with people’s opinions a little less. Sure your code might get critiqued by fellow developers but that’s just part of the learning experience. In design work however you have to deal with opinions regarding things where there are no right answers, just opinions and different tastes.

Since the beginning of this blog my goal has been to try to post at least once per month. In 2016 I failed that and only managed to put out nine posts. This year I’m aiming for at least 12 again but we’ll see how many it will end up being.

Are you looking for a web development help or developer for your project? Get in touch and let's see if I can help you out.