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I love you, I hate you…

…technology. As technology keeps creeping more and more into our lives I feel like I’m in a love-hate relationship with it. On one hand technology has given me a job, which at times I really love, but it also increasingly worries me because the changes in my own and other’s behaviour are so clearly visible.

Luckily my work doesn’t require me to make things that are purposely deceptive or addictive in order to drive traffic or engagement but I still feel like I’m a bit part of the problem. Guilty by association maybe?

At times I wish I could disconnect from it all more easily but to delete all social media profiles and switch to a ‘dumb phone’ just doesn’t seem feasible. As someone who is already introverted that would seem like a step towards the wrong way. I do want to be connected to other people but I just happen to prefer if that happened more outside of the circles of technology.

Lately I’ve been trying to find some kind of middle ground to this and to some extent I feel like I’ve succeeded. I deleted social media apps from my phone, turned off all emails notifications along with all other notifications that aren’t coming from people that I know “in real life”. Now the only times my phone makes a buzz are when someone I know either calls or messages me.

That however doesn’t change the fact that others around me are still helplessly lost in their phones. But I don’t blame them. The pressure and influence of the modern society drives this behaviour and to break from it you need to apply some serious willpower. Nowadays we’re expected to be on all social media sites, answer WhatsApp messages immediately and when people call us many of us get irritated.

It’s obvious that there is nothing that will stop this technology revolution and surely it will bring some great benefits to everyone as well. The real question now is how will we find some kind of balance in all of this? Can we welcome all the technology without turning into cold and non-empathic robots? Or is it already too late?

I will at least try my best to influence people around me to open their eyes and maybe to get them to reconsider or even alter their behaviour to be less dependant on technology.

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