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In search of a new home

In my previous post I mentioned that one of the advantages of working as a freelance web designer is that I can work from almost anywhere. As long as I have my laptop and internet connection I'm pretty much good to go. It was this freedom that originally brought me to The Netherlands. However now that I've lived here for close to 5 years my itch to move on is growing bigger every day.

When I first visited this country for a week I got excited. It was different and I liked the energy. My gut feeling was that I'd probably like it here. A few months after that trip I took the leap of faith and told myself I'd try living here for 3 months. That was the maximum time I could stay here for without any paper hassle. Those three months were back in 2011. I didn't plan on staying this long but I also didn't plan on moving back to Finland. The latter also remains true to this day.

For the last year and a half I've been trying to figure out where to go next. I've travelled to some countries that I thought could have potential but so far most of them have not lived up to my expectations.

On my most recent trip I went to various different cities in Spain and Lisbon, Portugal. My main goal was to try to get an idea whether or not Spain could be my next destination. I wanted to visit Lisbon mainly just because a good friend of mine lives there. Although Barcelona and Seville were great, it was Lisbon however, which I didn't even really consider as an option, that charmed me the most.

What I find interesting is that when I first visited The Netherlands I also came here just to see a friend but left being so inspired that I moved here a few months later. I feel like that same story might repeat itself again. I saw my friend in Lisbon, got excited and now I'm already planning on going back there soon. This time however instead of packing my things and diving straight in without any plan I'm going to take a more cautious route. My plan is to stay for a month or two, test the waters as they say and then see what I'll do.

This story will likely continue with more depth in the posts that I'll publish in the coming months. Stay tuned.

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