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Gratitude and meditation

I started BloomUp in December of last year and that was also the first time I got into gratitude journaling. Part of the inspiration for BloomUp came from the fact that I had started meditating using the Headspace app a few months prior to that. In those first months of meditating I learned that the practice of meditation is mostly about training the muscle of being able to come back to focus on your breath.

As time went by I started to notice that this skill of bringing myself back to focus on the breath started to leap into other parts of my life. Instead of getting carried away with my thoughts or starting to procrastinate, I would catch that feeling or urge and then simply get back to whatever I was supposed to or needed to do. It was these experiences that really sold me on meditation because it was so obvious this is a highly valuable skill to have.

Gratitude journaling has had a similar effect on me. While meditation trains the “muscle” of being able to focus and not drift off with your thoughts, gratitude journaling trains the ability to look at the bigger picture in life. The questions in BloomUp are such that in a normal life you likely wouldn’t ask yourself those things. However once you do start to ask and answer them then gratefulness for what you have and for the people around you start to be more on top of your mind and it's easier to start appreciating them and not taking them for granted.

I’ve noticed that negative life events have less effect on me these days because I can more quickly see how insignificant they are in the bigger scheme of things. Also it has been interesting to see how some of the questions can be difficult to answer at times. About a week ago I got the question which asks to point out something kind someone had done to me recently. I really struggled to think of something that day and although the question wasn’t so much about me it still made me think that perhaps I should be doing more random acts of kindness too. Because why not?

All in all it has been fascinating journey so far, both as a user and creator of the service and I'm looking forward to finding out what other revelations meditation and gratitude journaling might bring in the future.

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