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Blogging dilemma

Photo by: Michael Vallejo

When I started this blog my goal was to write at least one post per month. In April I failed to do that. There was just no post in me that month. This month however I went through a lot of thoughts and emotions while I was in Lisbon. I wrote a lengthy piece about an aha moment I had while I was there. My problem however is that the post, and some other drafts before it, are getting into the territory of being too personal for me to share.

I've noticed that blogging is very useful for clearing my mind. Once the thoughts are not just in my head but actually written down somewhere I feel lighter. Also the fact that I have to form my thoughts into understandable sentences forces me to process them more thoroughly. It may seem obvious to some people but I wasn't aware of how powerful blogging or journaling can be.

Now I'm not sure where to draw the line. What is too personal and what isn't. I'm leaning towards an approach where I keep writing every month but whether or not I publish something is irrelevant. Even if I sometimes just write for myself I think it's better than not writing at all. As long as I keep writing. I'm also thinking of starting to publish shorter posts, a bit like what you might see on Tumblr. Basically share things that I find interesting and then add my own two cents on them.

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