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Bad weather

"One of the biggest mistakes I've observed with parents is that they have this language around weather... being good or bad...
...and whenever it was raining they would be like it's bad weather...'s bad weather so we can't go out and when it's good weather we can go out... that means we are externally reliant on conditions being perfect in order to be able to go out and have good time... Jack and I never missed a single storm... and we have developed this language on how beautiful it was...
and so now when its's rainy day Jack says "look dada it's such a beautiful rainy day" and we go out and we play in it"

This is a rough transcript from a podcast episode of the Tim Ferriss Show where he interviewed Josh Waitzkin.

Although this insight came about while Tim and Josh were discussing parenting I think it applies to humans of any age. So often we complain that we can't do something because of bad weather. I certainly fall into this complainer camp as well but ever since I heard Josh say this it definitely stuck with me. It would be so interesting if this kind of mindset was actually planted to all of us at young age. Instead of saying we can't do something, we would just think of different possibilities.

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