Metsän lapsi

During the spring of 2020, with the corona virus raging on, the nearby forests of Kokkola, Finland became a safe haven for me. A kind of safe haven that reminded me of childhood when it was normal to roam around, play and get messy outdoors.

With this project I tried to reconnect and capture those feelings and moments of curiosity, playfulness and freedom with a sense of nostalgia. My hope is that this project will encourage some others to do the same.

Choreography and performance: Lauri Liimatta
Filming, editing and composing: Joona Nuutinen

The project was funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Thanks to Kai Harju and Keski-Pohjanmaan kansanopisto

Contact: lauri[dot]liimatta[at]gmail[dot]com

Support: DANCE ALL YEAR LONG, Sirkuskoulu Kuu & Kokkolan Talvitanssit